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Key Executives, Consultants and Advisors

William H. Gray

President and CEO

William H. Gray is Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Principal Accounting Officer of Competitive Companies, Inc. (OTCBB-CCOP).

William has more than 30 years of experience in corporate and business development, investment design and management, acquisitions and mergers. He has been extensively involved in the telecommunications industry for more than 20 years.

His business history includes holding a Series 7 license while employed as a registered representative for Underwood Neuhaus (one the most prestigious investment banking firms in the United States.) William performed his services as a fixed income specialist involving some of the largest banks and pension funds in the U.S. As a fixed income specialist, he managed the purchasing and sale of multiple structured securities for institutional portfolios in excess of $1 billion. He is known for his design and development of unique equity and debt securities as well as complex hybrid institutional investment instruments.  William develops, designs and structures the company’s business case modeling as well as its financial forecasting.

Angus Davis

Chief Strategy Officer                     

Angus Davis joined Competitive Companies, Inc. in July 2012. Angus has been a senior executive and advisor in strategic operational planning and process improvement for 15 years.

His area of expertise is in creating value, building high-performance teams and leading sophisticated business transactions. As a senior principal with Rainmaker Marketing Corporation, he worked in the design and development of senior housing services and program management for private developers where he secured millions of dollars and recruited world-class executive management. Angus also led a project team of architects, attorneys and specialized consultants in the first $200 million public bond float for a private developer in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

Angus helped design and implement the Americans Rebuilding America program which provides a multi-million dollar A-rated bonding facility for Service-disabled veteran contractors. Angus is also an army vet with seven years of service in the United States Army and Army Reserve.

Currently Angus oversees the Company’s Intelligent Community strategy and public private partnership alliances.

Tina Bagley

Vice President, Operations

Tina Bagley joined CCI in March 2012, as Manager of Corporate Affairs/Operations and Liaison. She is currently Vice President, Operations, and advises the company in corporate protocol, business affairs, maintenance and management of the Company’s operations. She also serves as liaison for all operations among the CCI, Inc. group of companies including CCI, WyLink, Inc., WyTec International Inc. and Capaciti Networks.

Tina has more than 25 years of experience in top-level operations and management for companies like Clayton Homes (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) and Palm Harbor Homes.  She also built and executed a successful wholesale apparel business prior to her corporate experience. Her area of expertise includes developing financial budgets, forecasts, entrepreneurial thinking, recruiting/managing/retaining highly motivated team members.

Bob Merola

Chief Technical Officer

Bob Merola, Chief Technical Officer, joined CCI in 2012, bringing with him 20 years’ experience in networking, fiber optics and wireless networks. He has executed the design, installation and project management of many point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, Wi-Fi, licensed millimeter wave radio systems and wireless mesh networks.

Bob has extensive experience in the installation of microwave dishes and supporting hardware on tower sites and rooftops. He has worked with and for major cellular carriers.  He has managed teams of technical personnel, consulted and lectured as a wireless expert.

Advisors and Directors

Larry Griffin

Board of Directors

Larry Griffin s serves on the Board of Directors of Competitive Companies, Inc. since 2009. Larry is the IT Director for Diamondback Management, Inc. since 2005 and prior to that worked as an independent contractor from 1998 to 2005. Additionally, he was the Director of Network Development O.S. for WorldCom from 1988 to 1997. At WorldCom, Larry was responsible for WorldCom’s redesign and development of its integrated billing systems during the Company’s accelerated telecom acquisitions in the mid 1990’s. Larry was the chief architect with the sub-system of the DEX (Digital Switch) switches to allow codes to be validated against a common database from any switch in the DEX network. He led the design and development of a switch update and CDR collection systems for the DEX network.
Larry hopes to advise CCI on its integrated billing systems for future subscriber acquisitions.

Angus Davis

Board of Advisors

Angus Davis joined Board of Advisors of Competitive Companies, Inc. in May 2012. Angus has been a Senior Executive and Advisor. His skills at creating value, building high-performance teams and leading sophisticated transactions within business environments became immediately evident after 7 years of distinguished service to his country in the United States Army. Shortly thereafter, as President of Intercare Health Systems, he secured millions of dollars of balance sheet enhancement, recruited world class executive management, and opened project offices in Beijing, China.

Most recently Angus has undertaken selected assignments with United Government Services. These assignments included enhancing the government sales channel for a publically traded 37 billion dollar heath care company; and spearheading a Homeland Security analysis for new contract opportunities involving vulnerability assessments, aviation and security design measures, security site design against American’s with Disabilities Act, Homeland/National Security policy analysis and construction design methods based on Air Force, FEMA, and VA design requirements for government and private plant and facility development and construction.

Angus will be advising the CCI, Inc., group of companies on matters such as strategic operations and planning as well as process planning and improvement.

William Oatman

Board of Advisors

William Oatman is a Senior System Engineer, Digital Design Engineer, and developer of Patents involving Multichannel Radio Frequency Transmission. He has held senior engineering positions at Ohana Wireless, Radix Technologies, Boeing, and was a founder of WyTec International before its acquisition by CCI, Inc. He has had final implementation responsibility for deployment of antenna arrays, suppression of signal emitters, and digital, point to point and point to multipoint digital data transmission architecture.

He is perfectly and uniquely qualified to advise the CCI group of companies on acquisition, implementation, integration, and enhancement of all technological components, including technological methodologies, to achieve the company’s business plans.