CCI is currently in end stage negotiations with several strategic alliance partners. These alliance partners are part of the tactical plan for fulfillment of the CCI goal to become the Premiere North American Offload Carrier, delivering data to mobile devices at true “3G/4G” speeds. When completed, the roll out of the CCI Nationwide Wifi Cellular Network will be a real solution to the Spectrum Crisis plaguing the existing mobile networks.

Because of SEC rules regarding announcing significant public company events, we cannot, at this time, be specific as to the names of these partners until all the negotiations are officially completed and the final agreements are signed by all parties, and in some cases approved by boards of directors and/or city councils. Please contact us at one of our contact pages or call our offices to be put on a notification list. Look for official announcements as we make them in accordance with SEC rules. We are expecting to be giving details on the general information below and much more in the very near future.

However, at this time, we can report the following:

1. CCI, through subsidiary company WyTec, has completed negotiations with a major US City for the first beta test of its point to point and multipoint alternative offload link network. This test is planned to take place soon after Labor Day 2012.

2. In connection with the beta test, contracts are being finished with the private sector business owners of the broadband pipes and conduits that ring the city enabling a seamless offload of data to the WyTec network.

3. Negotiations with particular equipment manufacturers are being concluded to supply and manufacture equipment using the specific proprietary CCI technology required to enable, control, and monitor our network.

4. CCI is working with a nationwide real estate sales and management firm to allow us access to building rooftop antennae and equipment space throughout the United States. In addition, this group’s sales force will assist in selling our high speed broadband telephone and internet services to the corporate tenants in the buildings where we place our equipment.

5. CCI has signed a letter of intent and is finalizing a comprehensive contract with the most prestigious and successful patent licensing and enforcement company in the world.