December 2013

The first-of-its-kind “Bid for Better Broadband” initiative rolls out and allows business customers to name their own price and pick their plan for better broadband. In conjunction with the launch, the Capaciti Networks website was completely redesigned and relaunched.



 November 2013

Capaciti Networks records download speeds of more than 100 Mbps to a smart phone in Columbus, OH. In addition, the company recorded speeds of well over 200 Mbps to a laptop on Capaciti’s network.


Columbus Coverage Area

September 2013

Capaciti Networks goes live in the Central Business District (CBD) of Columbus, Ohio. Capaciti had already performed multiple Wi-Fi speed tests including piloting a video surveillance system for the City before beginning its citywide Wi-Fi deployment.

This milestone with the City of Columbus will set a new U.S. standard for the future of citywide Wi-Fi deployments and a critical measurement for determining Intelligent City criteria.


Our mission

is to be at the wireless forefront of transitioning conventional municipalities into Intelligent Communities, enabling them to compete in the burgeoning broadband economy. 

Wytec International, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Competitive Companies Inc (OTCQB: CCOP)  is a globally diversified wireless innovator with a vertically integrated structure including hardware manufacturing and sales, as well as infrastructure services.

In the constantly evolving and exponentially growing wireless broadband market, one fact remains constant: demand is out growing existing capacity at an alarming rate. Wytec’s tech-savvy team has developed the only cost-effective and rapid deployment answer to this massive problem with patent-protected mobile broadband technology.

Maximizing Asset Value of Patents

Maximizing Asset Value of Patents

WyTec International, Inc. is a wholly owned entity of CCI. WyTec International owns the five  patents originally developed by WyTec, Inc. from 1999- 2001. These patents are directly related to the technology involving Local Multipoint Distribution System “LMDS”. A key technical development in the application of the patents is a process known as Multichannel Radio Frequency Transmission “MRFT”. This process allows the utilization of combining channels within a frequency range, thereby effectively multiplying the available throughput of bandwidth.








Millimeter Band Registered Links

WyLink, Inc. is a wholly owned entity of WyTec Inc. / Competitive Companies Inc., CCI, is traded on NASDQ OTCBB symbol CCOP. WyLink is currently selling millimeter band “Registered Links” through the protection of the FCC to incorporate a “short haul” backbone link in the development of a microcell network.