SAN ANTONIO, TX, September 26, 2013 –Competitive Companies, Inc. CCI (OTCBB: CCOP), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Capaciti Networks, Inc., announced today that the Company has gone live in the Central Business District (CBD) of Columbus, Ohio. Capaciti had already performed multiple Wi-Fi speed tests including piloting a video surveillance system for the City before beginning its citywide Wi-Fi deployment.

This milestone with the City of Columbus will set a new U.S. standard for the future of citywide Wi-Fi deployments and a critical measurement for determining Intelligent City criteria, remarks William Gray, President/CEO for CCI.

Capaciti’s proprietary high capacity network will initially serve more than 50 access point locations capable of producing broadband speeds in excess of 150 Mbps to mobile devices and more than 1 Gigabyte of broadband services to commercial and residential locations.Capaciti Networks is quickly emerging as a recognized leader of Intelligent Community technologies after its unprecedented pilot program success demonstrated to the City of Columbus in December of 2012.

We are extremely pleased with the success of the Capacitis technology and excited about their decision to deploy this technology throughout our City, remarks Gary Cavin, Director of Technology for the City of Columbus.

The pilot program recorded record breaking mobile broadband speeds of over 150 Mbps on a laptop and over 70 Mbps on multiple smart phones. The Capaciti network design is an important foundation for the Companys next generation multi-spectrum/multi-channel technology. Due to a growing spectrum crisis as identified by the FCC in late 2011, U.S. cell carriers are investing heavily to resolve the crisis. The public is recognizing the crisis in slower data speeds and more dropped cellphone calls. U.S. cities and municipalities are recognizing the crisis in a degradation of public services and the difficulty in completing essential interoperability between cities. As a result of these serious issues, cities have become more open to a new concept known as Shared Services involving a public/private partnership approach between city government and corporate enterprise. By incorporating Shared Services, cities and enterprises can move beyond bureaucratic constraints to the benefit of greater economic growth and advancements in public service utilities.

In order for U.S. cities to become more globally competitive and provide its citizens with improved public services while offering greater choices in education, health care, employment and business opportunities, it will need to embrace a more enterprise approach such as Shared Services, remarks Mr. Gray.

When fully deployed, Capacitis proprietary multi-spectrum network will fully support the public-private Shared Services model. As mobile broadband becomes more of the staple of global communication and as a major economic driver, carriers will need greater access to multiple microcell locations that cities can provide. Both carriers and municipalities will benefit in the Shared Services model by being able to provide citizens with greater broadband speeds while enhancing public services such as improved video surveillance, first responder, AMR and interoperability coverage.

Capaciti Networks is scheduling deployment of its proprietary high-capacity network in more than 30 U.S. cities over the next 24 months utilizing its tier one access.

About Competitive Companies, Inc.

Competitive Companies, Inc. is a Nevada-based corporation with offices in San Antonio, Texas and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The company began operations in 1998 to provide telecommunication services, including data, voice and video to multiple dwelling units in tier-one and tier-two markets. Market conditions and the acquisition of Wytec International, Inc. along with the development of its FCC Registered Link Program offered through its subsidiary operation, Wylink, Inc. has dramatically expanded CCIs business model in supporting next generation 3G/4G mobile and fixed wireless broadband services. Wytec/Wylink has already had a significant impact on CCIs broadband services and revenue potential as it initiates its Intelligent Community development operations both nationally and internationally. For more information, or to register to receive updates, please visit their corporate site


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