SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Competitive Companies, Inc. “CCI” (OTCBB: CCOP), www.cci-us.comannounced today that it has received a final Report on the five U.S. patents owned by Wytec International, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CCI. “We are very excited about the results of the Inavisis Report issued by Dr. Sam Khoury, President of Inavisis, Inc.” remarked William H. Gray, CEO/President of CCI. Dr. Khoury is well-recognized as one of the most respected patent research specialists in North America.  He has been retained by, and provided patent analysis and research for some of America’s largest fortune 500 companies. Dr. Khoury’s findings on the Wytec patents provide the Company a focused pathway for uncovering and measuring the total value and specific number of Industry opportunities available to CCI in the area of multi-channeling technology.

The patents contain the foundational elements of Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS). The Wytec patents contain a unique throughput expansion technique known as Multichannel Radio Frequency Transmission (MRFT). In essence, this technology combines multiple channels in a specified frequency allowing for expanding data throughput to existing carrier networks. This further enables carriers to accelerate broadband speeds to, and beyond 4G delivery definitions. MRFT has recently been identified by Industry experts as a significant contribution to the existing multi-billion dollar mobile broadband Industry, which continues to spiral upward in value. This provides CCI/Wytec the opportunity to introduce product solutions which address the current spectrum dilution in America now described by the FCC as the “Spectrum Crisis”. CCI has already begun discussions with major manufacturers for co-developing the next generation of these products including their specific operating technology and expects new research and development efforts to begin by year end. As always, interested parties can keep up to date on CCI news and information by visiting the CCI Communications Portal at

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Competitive Companies, Inc. is a Nevada-based corporation with offices in San Antonio, Texas and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The company began operations in 1998 to provide telecommunication services, including data, voice and video to multiple dwelling units in tier-one and tier-two markets. Market conditions and the acquisition of Wytec International offered a new business model in expanding its products to include fixed and mobile wireless broadband services. The utilization of Wytec technology is expected to have a substantial impact on CCI’s broadband services and revenue potential as it initiates carrier offloading services and licensing its use across the U.S. For more information, or to register to receive updates, please visit their corporate site at

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Inavisis, Inc. is a California based corporation with offices in San Diego, California.  The company began operations in 2000 to provide intellectual property (IP) consulting services to fortune 500 companies.  Inavisis, Inc. is well known for monetizing IP through licensing, valuation and patent infringement analysis.  For further information visit our website at

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