Owned Companies

Capaciti Networks, a wholly owned company of CCI, was formed in 2013 to offer a range of broadband services to municipalities, consumers and businesses. Capaciti Networks offer carrier-grade broadband to businesses through its innovative Bid for Better Broadband program that lets business owners name their own price for high-speed broadband. In addition Capaciti Networks offers enterprise solutions, high-speed Wi-Fi and Intelligent Community programs which bring better broadband experiences to municipalities. 

WyTec International, Inc. is a wholly owned entity of CCI. WyTec International owns the five  patents originally developed by WyTec, Inc. from 1999- 2001. These patents are directly related to the technology involving Local Multipoint Distribution System “LMDS”. A key technical development in the application of the patents is a process known as Multichannel Radio Frequency Transmission “MRFT”. This process allows the utilization of combining channels within a frequency range, thereby effectively multiplying the available throughput of bandwidth.CCI through WyTec International, plans improvements of its technology over current competitors including a substantial increase in throughput at both a point to point and point to multipoint distribution in multiple spectrums, including the lower and upper frequency bands.CCI’s current assessment of the primary value of WyTec’s patents relates to the right to improve upon them in future research and development.

WyLink, Inc. is a wholly owned entity of WyTec Inc. / Competitive Companies Inc., CCI, is traded on NASDQ OTCBB symbol CCOP. WyLink is currently selling millimeter band “Registered Links” through the protection of the FCC to incorporate a “short haul” backbone link in the development of a microcell network. The CCI company management believes the WyLink purchase opportunity offers a real solution to the “Spectrum Crisis.” Details can be gathered at www.wylink.net. These Links are designed to connect point to point locations from one rooftop to another where fiber optics does not exist or is too expensive to incorporate in the network. The CCI network design is aimed at the continuation of a gigahertz delivery to its proprietary microcell network. The system then seamlessly delivers data to mobile end user on their mobile broadband device… including cell phones, iPads, iPods and tablets. As more mobile broadband devices are being introduced to the market, a congestion of the existing mobile carrier’s networks is occurring at an ever increasing rate. WyLink offers a real, practical, implementable solution to this problem.


Wireless Wisconsin is involved in delivering high speed wireless Internet services throughout rural areas of Wisconsin on both a wholesale and retail basis as well as preparing to provide backhaul services to corporations and wireless Internet Service Providers. It is expected that Wireless Wisconsin will also begin developing community wide WiFi networks to deliver next generation mobile broadband access, while continuing to provide DSL, fixed wireless, and dial-up internet connections to commercial and residential customers.