CCI provides a real solution to the crippling data overloads that are causing a Spectrum Crisis for mobile carriers. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries – 
WyTec International
 and WyLink, Inc., CCI has:

These components make CCI especially qualified to handle carrier data “overload” conditions, without transmission interruption for the carrier… and seamlessly for the mobile device end user.

It works much the same way as an access road or service road – running parallel to a busy highway. If traffic stalls for any reason, congestion is reduced by rerouting some of the vehicles to the service road – and then back again to the main highway when the problem is relieved. In this manner, CCI can offer a contiguous and ubiquitous offload data solution as an alternate transmission pathway, thereby relieving the existing mobile carrier’s network from an overload condition. The mobile industry now calls this rerouting of data traffic “offloading.” At any given point in the transmission, if the mobile carrier’s network becomes less crowded the data automatically jumps back on the carrier’s native infrastructure. This “relief valve” architecture incorporates, FCC registered and protected Links, along with a partnership of corporate owned and city owned fiber optic interconnections and strategic alliance partner technology.

These interconnections are located throughout a city and are capable of delivering ultra-fast “gigabyte” bandwidth to our proprietary designed point to point and point to multipoint microwave locations. These locations are positioned to provide an efficient “hand-off” to our microcell cellular mesh networks throughout the city. This is the way a “sister” WiFi microcell network is created within the same cellular network as the carriers existing network. This CCI network allows the congested data traffic to move seamlessly throughout both networks simultaneously. This unique process allows us to offer a real solution to the data crunch crisis by managing the offload to our microcell network when there is a transmission bottleneck. We then instantly return the data transmissions back to the major carrier’s backbone networks when the overload problem is resolved. This entire process is completely automatic, totally managed and invisible to all mobile end users.

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